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Career Gear is a non-profit organization that promotes the gainful employment and self-sufficiency of disadvantaged men who are actively seeking employment. The program provides interview clothing, teaches job retention and advancement skills, and links men with other resources and community based agencies. Participants are referred through partner programs including homeless shelters, welfare-to-work job training centers, and job training programs for ex-offenders, the disabled, and recovering substance abusers. Participants receive a suit for an interview and are encouraged to become a member of the Alumni program once they are employed. The Alumni program provides relevant information as well as peer support and networking opportunities to promote job-retention and career advancement. The program also focuses on non-employment issues such as budgeting and financial management, emotional coping skills, family and child support, and balanced nutrition. Members of the Alumni program continue to receive clothing donations so that they have a complete working wardrobe by the time they finish the program.

Goal / Mission

The goal of Career Gear is to provide appropriate business clothing for job seekers and to promote job-retention and career advancement.

Results / Accomplishments

Career Gear was founded in New York City a decade ago and has added affiliates in Boston, Houston, Miami, New Haven, and Washington. In 2009, more than 2,000 men received a business suit and career counseling at the national headquarters in New York, and another 2,200 men received services through affiliate programs. During the same year, over 130 men were members of the Professional Development Series.

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