Objective 3.3

By 12/31/2019, Leverage existing community partners work around violence in 68111 and 68144 that address economic stability and education by identifying an innovative place based strategy to create safer, quality places for families, measured by a decrease in those that report fallen victim to violent crime.

For additional information or to join the work group contact:
Douglas County Health Department
Kerry Kernen, Division Chief of Community Health & Nutrition Services

Key Actions

Status of Key Actions
Completed In progress Not Started 

 Coordinate data from CHNA maps & police department data.

 Convene leaders in the zip codes (e.g. Heartland Workforce Solutions, One World).

 Identify evidence based violence prevention strategies that address economic stability and education.

 Pilot place based strategy.


Quarter 1:

DCHD submitted RFA around teen dating violence. Met with Omaha 360 to identify strategies to enhance current efforts around economic stability and education.