Goal 3: Violence, Safety, and Injury

Ensure safety and health equity throughout the lifespan due to violence, and traumatic experiences.

Provide a safe, healthy, and trauma informed community for all Douglas County residents by preventing and reducing premature morbidity and mortality due to injury, violence, and traumatic experiences.

Goal 3: Ensure safety and health equity by reducing violence, injury, and traumatic experiences throughout the lifespan to prevent premature morbidity and mortality.


Key Actions
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 OBJECTIVE 3.1: By 12/31/2019, establish infrastructure across multiple sectors to develop and implement trauma informed practice, as measured by 30 training programs established and implemented across sectors. 

 OBJECTIVE 3.2: By 12/31/2019, reduce the effects of violence and traumatic experiences for all Douglas County residents through the adoption of a universal countywide trauma informed policy.

 OBJECTIVE 3.3: By 12/31/2019, leverage existing community partners work around violence in 68111 and 68144 that address economic stability and education by identifying an innovative place based strategy to create safer, quality places for families, measured by a decrease in those that report fallen victim to violent crime.

 OBJECTIVE 3.4: By 12/31/2019, enhance awareness by establishing formal mechanisms to communicate violence and the impact of trauma across Douglas County as measured by the development and implementation of a communication plan.