Objective 2.4

By 12/31/2019, 100% of health systems will screen for obesity & food insecurity and of those determined to be at risk will have a treatment plan to include counseling and education related to chronic disease prevention, and food insecurity or referred as needed.

For additional information contact

Douglas County Health Department
Kerry Kernen
Division Chief, Community Health and Nutrition Services

Key Actions

Status of Key Actions
 Completed  In progress  Not Started 

 Survey healthcare systems on current screening practices (obesity, food insecurity).

 Year 1 create a baseline and identify data source.

 Provide model policy language.

 Collect info on current resources within community.

 Identify gaps in resources for referrals (age groups, populations, locations-inpatient vs. outpatient.

 Develop coordination between Healthcare systems and referral resources and potential Electronic Medical Records indicator.


Charles Drew Health Center was identified as the lead organization and Live Well Omaha will provide support.