Objective 4.4

By 12/31/2019, provide evidence based training to reach at least 75 community based groups to increase community capacity to identify and respond to someone at risk for suicide.

For additional information or to join the work group contact:
Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare
Patti Jurjevich, Regional Administrator

Key Actions 

Status of Key Actions
Completed  In progress  Not Started 

 Coordinate community suicide awareness activities including: Question Persuade Refer (QPR) training's, Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid courses, Connect Postvention training's, and other community education activities.
  •  Conduct Question, Persuade, Refer Training's (3 training's, reach 90 individuals and 3 organizations).
  •  Conduct Mental Health First Aid (38 community members trained in 3 training's. Three training's reached 6 organizations).
  •  Conduct Youth Mental Health First Aid (26 community members trained through 1 training. One additional organization trained).
  •  Conduct Connect Postvention Training's (1 training and 13 participants from 2 organizations were trained).

 Identify mechanisms to gather organization/group affiliation information for training participants.
  • Create duplicates of training sign-in sheets for all trainings to retain documentation of organization affiliation.

 CHIP partners will disseminate contact information for community based groups to be reached for suicide prevention training and disseminate training promotional materials.

 Promote the Suicide Prevention Hotline and the Boys Town Crisis Text Line in all community education activities (Promotion of the lifeline in the 13 minutes.org campaign, and resources disseminated to target populations).


Quarter 1:

Region 6 is offering Question, Persuade Refer training, and Mental Health First Aid to the community.

Quarter 2:

In this time period we increased capacity of our trainers for MHFA and QPR. All of the Omaha Public Library staff members were trained in a series of 5 dedicated MHFA training. Additional dedicated trainings were held for Lutheran Family Service - Refugee Services and Educational Service Unit 3.

Quarter 4:

Although there were a smaller number of trainings this quarter, the trainings that occurred were targeted training for individual agencies. There are a significant number of trainings being scheduled in the next reporting period.


Quarter 2:

Two trainings in this time period were cancelled due to low registration numbers. Additional training promotion needed to ensure that courses are filled so that training can take place.