Objective 4.2

By 12/31/2019, establish a collection of substance use-related data specific to Douglas County for the purpose of allowing stakeholders to identify priority areas and inform collective, evidence-based action plans to reduce substance use and the related harms.

For additional information or to join the work group contact:
Douglas County Health Department
Kenya Love

Key Actions 

Status of Key Actions
Completed  In progress  Not Started 

 Convene a meeting of stakeholders to determine what data and statistics are currently being collected and used to inform organizations' efforts around substance use in Douglas County (2016).

 Identify gaps in necessary information and determine methods for obtaining that information (2017).

 Collect and analyze all available substance use data (2017).

 Develop a method to ensure that all information is up-to-date and accessible to stakeholders working to prevent and reduce substance use and the related harms in Douglas County (2018).

 Utilize analyzed data to determine priority areas in Douglas County that stakeholders and community partners will use to develop a collaborative, evidence-based action plan to reduce substance use and the related harms (2018-2019).


Quarter 1:

Douglas County Health Department determined they would lead this initiative and identified the composition of key stakeholders to invite to the work group. Area healthcare systems, Region 6, Manage Care Organizations, DC Mental Health Center will be convened in January.