Objective 1.3

By 12/31/2019, improve health literacy in targeted areas of need measured by 2 evidence based health literacy strategies.

For additional information or to join the work group contact:
Douglas County Health Department
Kenya Love
Community Health Planner

Key Actions

Status of Key Actions
 Completed   In progress   Not Started 

 Identify the “targeted areas of need” and/or Identify key audiences (providers? Patients?)

 Identify current activities happening around health literacy that might be leveraged - and – partners who might be community leads for this work.

 Determine if existing strategies are effective and can be expanded –or- if new strategies need to be identified. If new needed, research options.

 Select strategies and define action plan – when delivered, to whom, how, measures, partners, etc.

 Identify a “standard” that can be used as a measurement.