Objective 1.1

By 12/31/2019, improve access to healthcare services in 68124,68152,68117, 68110 68111, 68104 and 68102 measured by an aggregate 3% decrease of residents that report some difficulty or delay in obtaining health care services.

For additional information or to join the work group contact:

Hope Medical Coalition
Andrea Skolkin
CEO of One World Community Health Center

Or Kenny McMorris
CEO of Charles Drew Health Center

Key Actions

Status of Key Actions
 Completed   In progress   Not Started 

  Increase transportation system capacity by employing one or more of the following strategies: 
  •    Added transit services
  •    Coordinated transportation efforts through the shared ride system
  Placement of a temporary or permanent clinic in the focus area by:
  •    Support One World and Charles Drew Health Center to expand focus areas
  •    Assist the health centers to identify resources (e.g. capital and operation costs)
 Improve health conditions by enhancing health care access through use of a Physician extender model to enhance clinical management of health conditions. 

 Enhance access to primary care services from within existing systems (e.g. transportation, insurance) by employing one or more of the following action steps:
  •    Work with Nebraska Medicaid to improve transportation system, to pay health centers and health systems as Medicaid providers
  •    Identify existing human services agencies with complimentary services within the focus area and train existing personnel on how to assist clients in finding health         care and to             enhance their ability to use existing transportation services.
  •    Collaborate with community organizations to enhance insurance enrollment within the zone area. 

Lessons Learned
Quarter 2:

Outreach organizations and hospitals have very different capacities and strengths in doing outreach and in-reach to their communities. An individualized approach or even separated work is sometimes necessary. The shared experience is invaluable to the process however and both seem to gain something by being pushed out of their comfort zones.

Quarter 1:

One World Community Health Center applied and received funding to launch transportation program to boost access to care for service areas. In addition, Methodist Hospital In conjunction with Kountz Memorial Lutheran Church and the Healing Gift Free Clinic, will open the Methodist Community Health Clinic in 2017. Methodist and Nebraska Medicine will engage residents to better utilize health services offered by the Douglas County Public Health Department, Charles Drew Health Center, One World Community Health Center, and other community resources.

Quarter 2:

Outreach organizations in Omaha are very willing to meet consumers where they are in an outreach capacity.

Quarter 2:

Omaha hospitals have some barriers to doing outreach but can work within their organizations to increase enrollments through in-reach.