Goal 1: Access to Health Services

Improving access to and quality of health care services.

Assure access to quality healthcare and public health services across Douglas County by increasing the number of residents who are knowledgeable consumers of the Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Marketplace, and by promoting community-wide strategies to increase health equity through culturally competent and linguistically appropriate service (CLAS) standards and healthcare providers. 

Goal 1: Coordinate healthcare access strategies that increase the number of knowledgeable residents, promote usage, and health equity for all.


Key Actions
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 OBJECTIVE 1.1: By 12/31/2019, improve access to healthcare services in 68124,68152,68117, 68110, 68111, 68104 and 68102 measured by an aggregate 3% decrease of residents that report some difficulty or delay in obtaining health care services. 

 OBJECTIVE 1.2: By 12/31/2019, assure Douglas County residents that reside in 68069, 68124, 68152, 68117, 68111, and 68102 will have access to health insurance through strategic outreach and education as measured by an aggregate 2% decrease of residents that are uninsured. 

 OBJECTIVE 1.3: By 12/31/2019, improve health literacy in targeted areas of need measured by 2 evidence based health literacy strategies. 

 OBJECTIVE 1.4: By 12/31/2019, improve access to culturally competent healthcare as evidenced by 100% of healthcare institutions following a written policy aligned with CLAS Standards and 50% of direct service providers having received training.