CHIP Priorities & Workgroup(s)

The CHIP Priorities and workgroup(s) implement strategies and collaborate with ongoing initiatives within the community.

The first version of The Douglas County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) laid the foundation for three years (2013-2016) of collaborative work across each priority area. In 2015 the CHIP was revised to ensure CHIP planning partners continue on the original path, yet consider new developments in public health and the county while moving forward.

The CHIP is a living document, which will continue to grow and evolve over the next few years.  The three year plan, which addresses access to health services, obesity and nutrition, behavioral health, violence safety and injury, and sexual health across the lifespan has several ambitious objectives and goals.  To reach these goals, community organizations are leading activities for the CHIP. A full list of these activities can be accessed in the CHIP report. Progress updates of the CHIP are reported on a quarterly basis. The full progress report can be requested on an individual basis.